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For more than 10 years, customers have purchased high quality Quartz crystals, oscillators, VCXO's, TCXO's, OCXO's and TC-OCX0's , Filter , RF component from a company whose name you can trust, Techkey Electronics Limited . Our main advantage brands are EPSON , MURATA , KYOCERA , KDS , etc .Techkey supply product to a variety of market segments including; computer peripherals, industrial instrumentation, LAN/WAN, optical networks, process controls, telecommunications and wireless products.Techkey Electromics is also an independent stocking distributor of electronic components specializing in IC Chips, Semiconductors, Industrial Semiconductors, SMD Components . It is our mission to provide our customers with a comprehensive product offering, at a competitive price, in the shortest lead-time possible .Contact us today with your specifications...we work with you to make sure you have the right components for your project.
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